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Plan your farewell online and be prepared

Create a funeral plan

  • Clarify your own wishes
  • Get a cost overview
  • Unburden your loved ones

Why plan your own funeral?

When my father died, I realized how important it is to plan ahead. Some years ago he showed me where the relevant folder is. And we talked about a lot of things. I was happy to know that could organize everything as he wished. That was a great relief.”

It feels good to get your things in order during your lifetime. This means, writing a will, making a patient’s provision and it also means creating a funeral plan.

NEW: mymoria Provision Portal

This is how you create your personal funeral plan online:

  • Register for free in the Provision Portal.
  • Consider what is important to you. Other decisions may be taken someday later.
  • We are happy to consult you about topics such as grave, insurance, etc.
  • Activate your provision for a yearly fee of 18€.
  • Share your plan with your trusted person.
  • In case of death, your loved ones only have to call mymoria. We know about your wishes and will take care of everything.
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At the moment, Provision Portal is only available in German language.

Preparing the Funeral Organization

To put down binding decisons about your funeral, you sign a provision contract (“Vorsorgevertrag”) with MYMORIA as the mortician of your choice. In this contract you determine:
  • How would you like to be buried?

    Note your wishes regarding a normal burial, cremation or burial under a tree or at sea. Also consider the funeral service and ceremony.

  • Where would you like to be buried?

    For example at a local cemetery or in a forest graveyard. Or if you want to be buried in your home country.

  • Who should be notified?

    Prepare an addresses list of your family. Decide if you want a notice in a newspaper.

  • Who should carry out your funeral?

    We hope that MYMORIA will convince you and that you will name us as your preferred mortician.

  • How much should your funeral cost?

    By creating an offer on our website, you will have a specific price. Do ask us for special arrangements and generally also plan 15% on top.

  • How will be payment be settled?

    For the financial preparation, there are 3 options which we explain in the following section.

To see the provision contract please click „Start here“ and make some choices about your wishes. You will receive all info by email – free and without obligation:

City or ZIP code...

Preparing for Funeral Expenses

Option 1 - No financial arrangement
You put money aside on your own. Your family pays the funeral and can use your inheritance for that. Disadvantages:Your inheritance will not be available immediately and there can be conflicts. If you need professional care at older age, this can eat up all your savings.
Option 2 - Funeral expense insurance
If you already have an insurance, you can notify them that MYMORIA will be your mortician. In case of death, we will contact your insurance directly and manage the payments. If you do not have an insurance yet, you can procure it from us.
Variante 3 - Escrow account
After you signed the contract with MYMORIA, we open an escrow account for you. You transfer the agreed amount there. This can be done in several installments. In case of death we use this money to pay fort he funeral and possibly the municipal cemetery costs.

How much is a burial by my wishes? Create an offer here:

City or ZIP code...

Steps To Complete your Funeral Planning

  • Please create an offer on our website. There you will be asked for burial type, place and more.

  • You receive a personal proposal and contract draft from us by email.

  • We contact you to talk about any open questions.

  • When you are happy, send the contract with your signature back to us.

  • You receive a folder by postal mail with your contract and all the important information for you and your family. If you requested a financial plan, we will take care of the next steps.

  • Let your family know that you took care of your funeral preparation and where they will find the files.

Create an offer now:

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Questions and Answers

How long is the MYMORIA offer valid?

When you sign a contract with us, we keep up our offer for two years. After that time, we will create a similar offer together with your family, which comes as close as possible to your wishes.

How much should I plan for grave and tombstone?

Together with our offer you will receive an approximate cost of grave sites in your region. If you would like a tombstone we are happy to help you find an offer.

What are the steps to be taken in case of death?

You family notifies us. We have all your information already in our files and will immediately arrange everything necessary. This way we can carry out the funeral by your wishes and your family is unburdened. We manage the payment directly with your insurance or the escrow account bank.

What happens if the funeral is cheaper than the advance payment?

If there is money left from your insurance or escrow account, then we will pay it to your relatives. In the contract, you can determine who should receive the money.

What if I do not have immediate family?

You can name a friend as trusted contact person. We recommend that you also inform neighbours and caretakers about your existing funeral preparation. This way, they can inform us in case of death.

Who is behind MYMORIA?

Read here about who we are and what motivates us.

What if MYMORIA goes out of business?

Your money is always secure with you. If in the future we will not be able to deliver the agreed services, we will notify you. Then you can take our offer to another mortician and close a new provision contract. At your insurance or your escrow account, you note the new mortician as entitled to benefit.

Do You Have Questions? Our burial experts are happy to help